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We are Contract Cleaning UK: We work with companies, organisations and households to give you the cleaning services you require at a price you can afford. We’re a national company with a local presence that can match you up with as many thoroughly-trained staff as you need to get your cleaning done – reliably and on time. Let us help you save money on your cleaning contracts. 

Our highly professional teams are able to help you with any aspect of cleaning, from contract cleaning to office cleaning, and even domestic cleaning. No job too complicated, and certainly no job is too small. Contact us if you have specialist needs, such as technical cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or cleaning up after builders. Our services are priced to offer superb value – call us now!

Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning
  • Regular service
  • Professional staff
  • Hours to suit
  • All types of cleaning
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
  • Carpets
  • Bins and recycling
  • Washrooms
  • Deep cleaning
  • Technical cleaning
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Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning
  • Single or multiple homes
  • Homeowner or landlords
  • Carpets and walls
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • End of tenancy
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Contract Cleaning Services in the UK

Our Cleaning Services Explained

  • Domestic Cleans
  • Contract Cleans
  • Commercial Cleans
  • Industrial Cleans
  • Professional
  • Affordable
  • We’re dedicated to providing your company, organisation, tenants or home with the best value cleaning services to suit your budget. Whether you require daily, weekly or fortnightly services or a one time clean we have dedicated teams of professionally-trained staff ready to attend to your needs.

News & Articles

office contract cleaning

Why a clean office is a safe office

Posted on:

Every year, as part of our office's mandatory fire certificate, a gentleman from a large fire prevention company pays us a visit and trains us in what we need to do in case of a fire. It essentially boils down to get out and raise the alarm, which is pretty sensible advice. The most important part of his visit, he tells us, and we're pretty much on first name terms now down the years, is teaching us on how to stop …

mop floor trapped corner

How to mop a floor

Posted on:

...and not get trapped in the corner. Everybody does it at least once. Even the most experienced of cleaners set about a room with a mop and bucket, get it sparkling clean, and turn to admire the fruit of their labours only to realise that there is now twenty feet of wet floor between them and the door. That's because you've made the basic error of not planning ahead. In anything, from mopping a floor to robbing a bank via feeding a …


Taking care of your upholstery

Posted on:

If you've ever bought a new suite of furniture, you've probably spent the first few months in a blind panic every time anybody sits on it, just in case they make it dirty. Our advice is this: Relax. Sofas and chairs are meant to be sat on, and dirt and grime are part of everyday life. Instead of worrying about how to stop your furniture from getting dirty in the first place (you can't), arm yourself with the knowledge on …

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